Gwen Henderson

Name: Gwen Henderson                                                                                                                             

Organisation: Human Services

Area you live in or support: Clifton, NOTTINGHAM

Email address:


To be able to understand a little about you, please answer the following questions:

If we were to work together on a project, what could you offer that would be great? 

I have a range of skills  and experience across the Social and Community Pathways to share, I can offer to design training around your project for your members, I promote equality of discourse, I am a facilitator and ideas person, I am quick minded, enjoy conversing, analysing and observing, I always give anything ethical that I believe will benefit others 100%. I am about positive customer and staff wellbeing and positive change.

And what would I need to be mindful of?

As a High functioning empathetic Asperger individual, I can talk a lot and don’t always notice when it someone else’s turn to talk. I have taken a course in listen skills to help me combat this and one in interpersonal communication skills and mindfulness. I have little interest in accounting, I am noise sensitive so do not like loud or repetitive noises including music with a drum beat as it affects my heart rate and I may become anxious and need to leave the area of noise.

What were your steps leading to community organising?

1. Studying human services HNC at Nottingham Trent university while rearing children, where I formulated the initial study for the new jobcentre plus, by showing an inequality of service provision which commissioned the removal of the glass and start of the new jobcentre plus. I received MERCIA fraud training as a thankyou from DWP.

2. Working in Social Care up to deputy manager level 4- secure community housing for individuals no longer deemed a danger to the community from Rampton and Highbury Hospital.

3. Working with special needs children within state education systems before SENTA was built as my son was one of the first learner with multiple disabilities to attend a state school. Our working partnership helped develop the outline for accreditation for Special educational needs teachers and teaching assistants.

4. Working as a final warnings officer for Youth offending and an excluded children’s tutor, re-engaging excluded learners, building an assessment of learning style to develop better educational delivery for the local education authority.

5. Volunteering with Growing Spaces towards restarting my life after many years of isolation due to trauma and illness, Steve Doig gave me information about Community Organizing’s future conversations.

6.  Applied and was invited to join future conversations and community organizing.

7.  I now look forward to the completion of our new Nottingham Community Organizing, the eco farm and new giving back group and my Human Services Group formulation with a massive thank all who have supported me along this pathway and future project pathways.

What current projects are you involved with?

Human Services Group, Nottingham Community Organizing, eco-centre community Farm, Giving Back Group, Trent Alumni.

Please indicate your skill set

Analytical – problem solving

Business – volunteer, staff and customer training and career development.

Marketing – Public Relations

Communication – writer, facilitator

Management – Coaching, Equalities and professional standards. Ethical HR, Project assessment,  Volunteer Training Assessment, Design and provision


  1. Hi Sue,

    I really like this– its great.

    Dave Symes

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