Laura Alvarez

Name Laura Alvarez   

Organisation Nottingham City Council

Area you live Carrington

Email address


To be able to understand a little about you, please answer the following questions:

If we were to work together on a project, what could you offer that would be great?  

Expertise in Placemaking, place design and community engagement for Placemaking. A direct point of contact to Nottingham City Council planning and conservation departments. Networking with leading experts on Place design, planning, conservation and architecture.  

And what would I need to be mindful of?

There are barriers and limits regarding the planning system, there is confidentiality regarding planning applications and data.

What were your steps leading to community organising?

  1. My mother was a community organiser and activist in Argentina, and I grew up with the ethos.
  2. I worked on co-design and socially positive designs in Argentina as a student of architecture.
  3. I trained as a CO (with TRACS/Sneinton Alchemy) as part of my PhD studies on social sustainability.
  4. My thesis involved research and action plans regarding CO and Placemaking.
  5. I am implementing Nottingham Design Quality Framework for NCC with a CO ethos.

What current projects are you involved with?

Nottingham Design Quality Framework

Please indicate your skill set

Analytical, strong in communication and networking

Specific skills: Architect, Urban Designer, Doctor in Social Sustainability, Illustrator, Academic Writer, Researcher, Published Author


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