Perlthorpe Christmas Party – Community Organiser Meet Up!

We had a great Christmas Meet up in Edwinstowe, thanks to Sheila, Pauline Emma and others for excellent hosting!

We did a listening exercise and some of the ideas are

What do you Love about your community?

Friendly people

Hope and Potential


Expanding across age groups

Rebalance and re-distribution

“Land of Robin Hood”

Can do attitudes

Shared aspirations for a better future


What are you concerned about?

Poor housing

Not good landlords

Isolation and poverty

People get pulled down after they have built their hopes up

Lack of hope and feelings of pointlessness leading to anger

Lack of vision causing frustration

Some people are quick to draw boundaries and are hostile

Always seems to be the same people doing what’s important


What are your Dreams?

Working towards a self-supporting community

Inspiring children and young people to do constructive and creative things

A shift in attitude and thinking and awareness raising

Empowering people to achieve their dream

Combatting injustices and sharing ideas for tackling injustices


What are the ideas?

Get young people involved in community action and awareness raising through litter picks, music concerts, charity gigs events etc to give an increased sense of belonging to the area

Shared spaces (and flexible of use)

An active core group

Knowing and being ok with your power

Good clear values

Listening to community

Publicising event and project like foodbanks etc

Sharing success stories and a strong description of the vision and “getting it out there”


We had a great lunch and then finished with some Frog racing…

Can’t upload videos to this site (we would have to pay) but the link is here to facebook and here is Sheila’s post and report on the day

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