Hate Crime Awareness Week Event

Tuesday 1

hate event

Tuesday 2Working with Paul Smithurst from the Nottingham Together Team, Community Organisers took part in an event in Sneinton yesterday. The event included:


Florette Fetgo, a CO network member,  hosted a fine art workshop, focusing on free expression. She also recently took part in the poem for Nottingham, “Our Nottingham Things”.

Laura Alvarez, Senior Principal Urban Design and Conservation Officer for Nottingham City Council, consulted with the event participants about what makes a good public space. See details  of her consultation event here. Please book via the Facebook event.

Kevin Price and David Jones facilitated a circle of around 20 people, informally gathered from the event to reflect on hate crime. There were varying opinions/suggestions/pledges from a diverse range of attendees:

  • S.E.N.D Youth Club collected signatures to support their pledge to fight inequality, unconscious bias and prejudice. Zaimal  Azad, Hate Crime Officer for Nottingham City Council is pictured below with Paul Smithurst.
  • Unseen hate crime with religious conversion  (Rev. Naomi)
  • Confidence in reporting hate crime.
  • Hate Crime Ambassador explained “See, Report & Support” method of bystander training.
  • Restorative justice in understanding the impact of crime.
  • Laura asked about the importance of community relationships/isolation. The Co-op recently carried out research around this question and the findings may be read here.
  • Online trolling was discussed and the devastating effects.

Ideas for Solutions:

  • Train ambassadors to support victims of hate crime from within their own communities. Potentially identifiable by a badge.
  • Share best practice. e.g. Huge Romany fair – co production with agencies.
  • Tackle hopelessness about hate crime by bringing people together in forums such as this.


The Stand by Me project was highlighted as a strong support service to develop the awareness, skills and confidence needed to intervene in a situation when another individual needs help.

Paul Smithurst said of the event:

“As always, great to see a fantastic turnout from the local community/community groups & stakeholders, fully supporting Hate Crime Awareness Week in Sneinton. Coverage of the event, (6 minutes 35 seconds) which can be seen on Notts TV, Thursday 18th October at 5.30pm, highlighted the good vibe created by the event, as did the reporting from the Nottingham Post.

The event was designed to do what it said, raise awareness of Hate Crime. What is Hate Crime? How to report Hate Crime? Why should I report Hate Crime? So many questions and without the answers Hate Crime will go unreported. At Nottingham City Council our Hate Crime Officer, Zaimal Azad, is always available to answer any queries on the subject matter. The small, but informative, Hate Crime booklets would have told people all they need to know should they encounter Hate Crime.

I decided a few weeks ago I would be running a small/simple event focusing on Hate Crime in the Dales Ward, & David approached me asking if the Community Organisers could maybe work alongside us. The result was the fantastic thought provoking discussion, which was, ‘real and live!’ Community Protection, Community Leaders, Councillors and Portfolio Holders, our very own Steff Webber (Community Coordinator) – Counter Extremism…and more importantly members of the public all took part and hopefully they can pass on theirs and others experience back to their respective communities. So, thanks to David and Kevin for that. Hope it benefited all.

When I returned home Tuesday evening I received emails that night about people who have been victims of Hate Crime and came to the event but didn’t want to speak out on the day. However, they picked up information on the day, went home, digested it, and made contact. So, in that respect, the event did what it was designed to do, raise awareness.

I’ll end with this, I met Juliet O’Donnell, Volunteer Coordinator for the SEND project, about three weeks ago, and we had quite an in-depth discussion about Hate Crime. This snowballed and ‘Jules’ decided on running workshops with the young people at SEND, aiming at getting people to sign a pledge for local people against Hate Crime. Wednesday evening Jules and her volunteers ran the most fantastic workshop with young children at the Dales Centre, producing t-shirts with messages on for children…and adults, to create and take home. My favourite slogan, ‘Hugs Not Hate’. Jules work was also displayed at Tuesday’s event, well done you!”

If you have been affected by hate crime or would like more information on the issues discussed, please visit www.communitiesinc.org.uk/ourwork/stand-by-me  phone 0115 964 8227 or email admin@communitiesinc.org.uk. Also see Police Guidance on what constitutes hate crime, how to report it and what can be done.




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