Creative Ways to Nurture Community

I know my strengths and weaknesses. I can design a website, write a report, write lengthy minutes and even dance but last Wednesday I was asked to create community with Plasticine! This is a challenge that the majority of members gleefully rose to. Thanks Mia for your creativity and to Kevin and Dave for hosting this event. From the feedback given the highlights were most definitely playing with Plasticine and the delicious lunch – thanks Stevie.

Here are a range of photos showing how amazingly creative community organisers can be (well most of them!)


Open Spaces.jpgNow to the conversations followed by feeding back about potential solutions. Please use the comments facility below to add any thoughts/actions/results about the five themes we discussed:

A. How to tell a traumatic story in a lighter way.

B. How to engage with community via the medium of art.

C. How can community tackle youth violence.

D. How to encourage community engagement with insular cultures.

E. How to support and engage with people with mental health issues.


Planting sunflower seeds to finish.

planting sunflower seeds

Sue Sambells

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